lr draw frame  

Gas springs, saddles, fluted rollers, top strippers, bottom strippers, strippers brackets, spiral bevels, contact plates, door handle, top rollers with end bushes, studs, pulleys, change gears, web condenser, trumpets, magnetic clutch, sliver cutter, plunger, roll membrane, valves, pistons, filter regulators, oil seals, coiler rings, steel balls, door locks, door magnet, timing pulley, timing belts, filter screen, signal lamps, one touch fittings etc., & also other items available on catalogue numbers.

LR DO6 Draw Frame
textool draw frame  

Pressure hose, top & bottom strippers, fluted rollers, top roller with end bushes, stripper brackets, pressure bolts, calendar rollers, saddles, oil seal kit, central gear, coiler change gear, gear drive to belt drive coiler assembles, pneumafil fans, filter screen, brackets, change gears, pulleys, chain wheels, chain, coiler rings, steel balls, split bearings sliver guide, trumpets, signal lamps, teflub roller varnish, door handles, window fibre glass, studs, filters regulators, valves etc., also other spares available on catalogue numbers.

LR DO2, DO2/S , Textool TD-302 Draw Frame
padmatex zinser  

Top roller with end bushes, synchronized pulley, PU timing belts, door spring, plunger assly, brackets, saddles, fluted rollers, coiler segments strip, coiler rings, steel balls, nylo cast gear, top & bottom stripper, stripper brackets, calendar rolls, web guides, fibre bridge bar, trumpets, creel condenser, coiler worm & worm gear, spiral bevels, change gears, creel coiler assemblies, contact plates, studs, signal lamps, oil seals, contractors, etc. also other spares available on catalog numbers.

Padmatex Zinser 720 Draw Frame

Pressure bar brackets & tension springs, calendar roller shaft, spiral bevels, truchiod oil circulating pump, door spring, ball joint, plungers, flutted rollers, top roller with endbushes, slides, brackets, web guide, trumpet, locking assembly, contact plates, cuplings, coiler gears, electro magnetic brake & clutches, signal lamps, nylon gears, regulators, timing belt, timing pulley, etc. also other spares available on catlogue numbers.

Texmaco DFK-2CD, Jeets Draw Frame
rsb draw frame  

Can guide rollers, timing pulley, timing belts, endless belts, polyurethene stripper, web guide, web condensor, trumpets, sliver funnel, nylon gears, top roller with end bushes, spider cuplings, transparent spiral duct hoses, studs, censing rollers, signal doom lamps & asscessories,filters, pneumatic cylinders, filter regulators, alluminium cuplings, etc. also other spares available on catlogue numbers.

RSB-851 Draw Frame
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