open end spares  

Rooter with bearing, resilient mount, Insert, tension roller assly, 52T toothed pulley, suction tube, traverse rod, yarn guide, yarn sheet, yarn cutter, table, packing ring, separator, magnet complete clutch assly, rooter body, buffer lever, board assembled, arm complete, board with connector, filter screen, cord assly, housing, damper, piston, cylinder, cover, lever, flat belt pulley, brackets, J' tube, spiral bevel, bobbin holder assbly,etc. also other items available on catalogue numbers.

LR-M1/1, M1/2, BD-200, SN, BDA-10N Open End Machine

Schlafhorst Open End. Se-7,Se-8,Se-9,Se-10 Model Roter Chamber,Cpl Cutter Blades,Moter Penions,Gear Wheels,Shock Absorber,Brake Shoes,Hook Up Pieces,Brake Lever,Couplings,Leaf Springs,Plates,Cam,Cam Rollers,Button Box,Pin For Cam,Take Off Navels,Cleaning Tool For Channel Plate,Channel Plates,Seal For Channel Plates,Adopater,Cpl Limit Roller,Take Button,Lifter Bail Button,Coupling Disc For Feed Shaft ,Screw With Washer,Nut,Assemblingtool For Gear Wheel,Modification Kit For 'Slide' On Ring,23t Gear,Oil Wick,Oil Container ,Split Coupling,V-Belt,Feed Shaft,Tharmel Paper Reel,Butterfly Valve,Double Lock Collar,Locking Lever,Latch Spring,Spring,Doff Tube,Slide Wall,Wire Rings,Cap Red,Fibre Channel,Stripping Rollers,Cover Plate For Opening Rollers,Drive Cone,O-Rings,Brush With Feed Shaft Tool,Feed Sleeve,Beveled Nosecone,Bumper,Metalscraper,Condensor,Startingwasher,Screw,Bracket For Rotor Pressure Seal,Seal Bush,Motor Aco 240,Brush,Twin Discs,Bearing For Discs,Reflector Ring,Brush,Main Drive Cylinder,Support Bow,Roter Seal, Plug,Thrust Bearing Seal,Steel Balls Plug,Pipe Cleaner,Yarn Guide,Etc,... All Items Available On Catlogue Numbers.

Positive clearer spares for drawing, simplex, comber, etc., available on catalogue number.

Schlafhorst - Open End SE-7, SE-8, SE-9, SE-10